Easy Winter Hairstyles for Women in 2020


Winter is the legit best time to play around with your hair. Seriously, the colder weather means you never have to worry about your sweaty strands sticking to the back of your neck (….why do we like summer, again?) and you can hide under a hood or beanie if you try something new and don’t totally love it. I mean, it doesn't get much better than that. So, in the spirit of prepping for what’s going to be your best hair season yet, I went ahead and found the 11 coolest winter hairstyles of the year.

1. Top Knot Bun



Something classic..but do it better! This look can always be achieved. I would describe this look as soft, romantic and simple. A simple low bun looks especially chic with styled baby hairs.

2.Natural Bangs



Consider this the sign you've been waiting for. Rather than stress about styling them, ask your hairstylist to trim your bangs while they're dry and still holding their most natural shape. That way you can skip hour-long haircare routines.

3.Accent Braids



The perfect low-effort hairstyle that looks anything but, this winter 2020 trend only requires two small braids on either side of your part. It's basically like a throwback tendril hairstyle—but better.




Sure, anyone can rock a ponytail in the winter, but why not take things to the next level with this flipped-up look? To channel this cute retro vibe, you'll want to leave out a few face-framing strands and gently flip your ends with a flat iron. 

5.Beachy Waves



In case you were wondering, yes, you can rock beachy waves in the winter. I mean, why not? The look is really cute, works on any hair length, and it's pretty easy to recreate.

6.Double Buns



Channel the '90s this winter by wrapping your curls or coils into two small buns or knots at the top of your head. Want to level up the look even more? Braid your knots before you secure 'em. Leave a few pieces of hair out of your topknot for a flattering, face-framing effect. 

7.Low Ponytails



Somethings you just can't avoid and hair static from beanies and winter hats are high on that list. Enter: the tight low ponytail. This easy hairstyle is impossible to mess up, despite how hard the winter elements might try. To make it feel modern, add a few accessories at the base, like pearl twist pins.

8.Scarf Styles



This year is all about bringing back the biggest styles from 20 years ago, and this look perfectly captures '90s supermodel's hair. Scarfs, headbands, bow, claw-clips are another smart winter accessory investment for the perfect easy hairstyles tips.

9.Sleek and Down Style



The sleek look can be the chicest style choice of all. Winter, is the perfect opportunity to try for a sleek, straight hairstyle sans super-thick styling gels and heavy pomades.

10.Half-Up Hairstyles


Quick and easy half-up half-down. The classic half-up hairstyle is always a good choice, but especially during winter. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face, but it's also clutch for keeping your neck and shoulders warm when you need it. This year's trend features face-framing pieces and a super-high ponytail that falls on both sides of your face rather than straight down the back.




Can adult women wear pigtails? Yes!! Playful and cute, pigtails can be appropriate for grown women and not just little girls! Try wearing pigtails for a fun hairstyle and see the way it makes you feel a little more youthful. Do a half up version, or wear ‘em high or low on the sides of the head. For even more fun, play with coloured elastics or scrunchies, or add braids or tiered ponytails!

Check out my hairstyles folder on Pinterest for more photos and hair inspirations.

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