20 Reasons to Trust Blindly in Your Life’s Meaning

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A man stopped me yesterday in Leicester Square with this question:

"Do you want to go to Heaven?"

A preacher could be heard over the megaphone in the near distance.

‘Jehova’s Witnesses,’ I thought. ‘Maybe Evangelical.’

The man caught my eye and followed up with:

"Do you love Jesus? Jesus loves you."

To which, I retorted:

"How do you know? Have you spoken to him?"

He said:

"No. But I know he loves everyone."

I smiled at the young man and made my way through the freezing ghost-town.

I thought, ‘Bah! Why would you believe something you’ve got no proof of?’

Less than 24 hours later, my heart opened to a surprising truth.

Blind trust may not be scientifically rational, but it can be liberating.

If that man’s visualization of peace is dubbed “Jesus”, and it serves him, that’s wonderful.

We all have the freedom, nay, the calling to choose what we place our faith in. Some of the most magical gifts appear when we expect the unexpected.

“Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.” - Oprah Winfrey

The richness of the experience lies not in faith’s object, but in the practice of trusting wholeheartedly. It is an act of surrender that says, “Whatever Life is, it’s bigger than me.”

As Eckhart Tolle voices in The Power of Now:

“Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.” - Eckhart Tolle

I invite you to practice trusting blindly in what Life offers us.

Trust blindly in your Purpose

Look within. Look deeply.

Your Purpose does not lie in the mind.

Purpose does not need words in order to exist. You do not need to express it in order to trust it.

Let it unfold.

Trust blindly in your instincts

We already know the answers. The impulse to dismiss our intuition is of the mind, not of the heart.

Wisdom is fostered by unlearning mental habits, not by accumulating more knowledge.

Instincts show us our own, unique path.

Trust blindly in Sense

Your mind wants to make sense using previously established rationale.

Your heart wants to make sense of the impalpable, the indescribable.

When you trust that something makes a higher Sense, you open yourself to the possibility of understanding it.

Trust blindly in change

Like a boat in an unpredictable sea, the only thing you can control is your own sail.

Allow change to be your friend. Trust that it will give you what you need.

By being a part of change, you are a part of Life.

Trust blindly in your feelings and emotions

Love your human vulnerabilities.

Let them be free. Let them teach you.

Explore your insides with as much curiosity as you do your outside environment.

Trust that they come bearing wisdom.

Trust blindly in serendipity

Embrace coincidences as signs. Know that they have materialized to show you something.

Move from passive to active observing of Life’s clues.

Claim them as your very own road signs: Stop, Go, Turn left, Limit your speed, Dead-end.

Trust blindly in creativity

The product of creativity is not the same as purpose. The purpose of creativity is to be unleashed.

The river does not care whether or not it stays contrived in a dam. Its instinct is to flow.

Believe that your creativity brings you closer to your Creator.

Trust blindly in nature and the elements

We live alongside the wind and the trees.

Trust your elders. Trust the elements that have been here since the beginning of time.

We are scholars. They are our masters.

Listen. Watch. Observe.

Trust blindly in joy

The echo of a distant thunder is enough to let joy guide the way.

Look out for the spark that shines bright within your heart. Know that it’s there for a reason.

Follow the joy.

Trust blindly in the meaning of pain

Pain and healing are the same. The way we experience them is different.

That is what makes life interesting.

Listen to what pain has to teach you. It could have visited any other body, but it chose yours.


Trust blindly in a higher power

God is life is love is hope is prayer is silence is nature is body is mind is everything.

Names matter less than acknowledging the vastness of Life.

Do not strive to define the nature of the higher power and do not judge those who do.

We are one.

Trust blindly that the Universe will take care of you

You are loved beyond your wildest imagination.

You are looked after.

You are worthy of the greatest happiness, and it shall be offered to you.

Trust blindly in your body

Your body is fighting to stay alive. It will do its best until it no longer can.

Trust the body. Do not punish it. Do not scold or blame it.

Your body loves you. It is your telescope to the world.

Let it be.

Trust blindly in your spirit

Like a child, the spirit is fragile and infinite. It requests nurture, but does not speak your language.

You must learn the language of the spirit.

Trust that your spirit will become peaceful and serene with nourishment.

Trust blindly that you have been chosen to Live

You are not a mistake.

Your life is intentional. You came at just the right time.

You are a gift.

Trust blindly that we are here for each other

Each soul is a gift to one another.

Separation and difference are matters of the mind. The heart knows only union.

Trust blindly in giving

Giving is release. Joy. Interconnectedness.

You do not need reciprocation in order to give.

The love within a gift becomes a gift for you.

Trust blindly in kindness

Kindness exists for its own sake.

Trust that its power is beyond our measurement or comprehension.

Trust that it is always right.

Trust blindly in Love

You are loved and made of love. So is everyone else.

Fear can be integrated into love. Pain can be integrated into love.

There is only Love — then, there’s everything else.

Trust blindly in faith

When outcome displeases you, do not be quick to blame the process.

Keep trusting.

Faith without faith is an attempt. Many intentional attempts build up the practice.

Faith is at its most powerful when it becomes difficult to sustain.

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