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How much do you know about your general wellness? Most of us have a pretty good idea, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to get a better understanding? Recently, a friend of mine recommended a phone application called NuraLogix Anura. This application will fully analyze your face and then give you “investigational data” into your general wellness. Let’s dive deeper into this innovative app and discover what makes it special.

How It Works
NuraLogix Anura uses facial recognition technology to analyze how healthy you are. After downloading the app, users can use their phone’s camera to scan their faces. The app then looks at skin color, wrinkles, and other factors that could provide insight into overall health and wellness. This data is then compiled into an investigational report that can tell users more about their physical health, mental well-being, and even lifestyle habits they may need to adjust to lead healthier lives.

So I was in this hook, line, and sinker. So much so that I tried the analysis three times to prove its accuracy. The numbers were consistent all three times, starting with my vitals which I will get into later in this article. First, you must enter your basic information starting with your name (nickname), age, height, and weight. They also want to know your gender at the time of birth. After entering this pertinent information, you graduate to the facial recognition screen.
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You hold your head perfectly straight for a few seconds while the camera adjusts and the application calibrates. I learned you need to be in a well-lit area to get the 5-star system to engage fully. At best, I got four stars, letting me know the facial capture would be good but could be more optimal. The lighting in my office could be better!

My first scan mentioned an irregular heartbeat, but I determined this was due to insufficient lighting (let’s hope). My heartbeat was in the green, but my breathing was a little slow. I hope this is not something to be concerned about, as it seemed to fluctuate in all three tests from 8 to 13. The application goes into detail as you drill further into it, saying there could be an underlying health issue or medication conflict (I am currently not on any medication).
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The next measurement is Heart Rate Variability. This number also varied but fell within the green for me each time. High resting heart rate variability is considered healthy. It also means your heart can respond reliably to your body’s needs.
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I expect everyone to have numbers all over the board for this next one. According to NuraLogix, most people can work effectively in the yellow area but should take steps like meditation and other relaxation techniques. I wasn’t happy with this number as all of this was done during a relaxing lunch hour. (Serenity now!)
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I won’t bore you with all of the details of the next few readings but I will share with you a few. My BMI (body mass index) fell within the green. Facial skin age, another surprising measurement, came in at 43. This number was consistent each time, but it also knew my age which was provided earlier. For the record, it is 47.

Body Shape Index also was a surprising measurement. This one is hard to believe, given the application only measures the face. My number came in yellow on this one.

Overall, my general wellness score came in at 83, which kept me in the green. Again, take the numbers strictly as an estimate. NuraLogix states quite succinctly the numbers are

Investigational Use Only. Anura™ is not a substitute for the clinical judgment of a health care professional. Anura™ is intended to improve your awareness of general wellness. Anura™ does not diagnose, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease, symptom, disorder or abnormal physical state. Consult with a health care professional or emergency services if you believe you may have a medical issue.

The Benefits of Anura
One of the great things about Anura is that it doesn’t just analyze your physical state — it also takes mental health into account. By looking at things like facial expressions, behavior patterns, and body language, Anura can provide insight into how someone is feeling inside as well as outside. This analysis can be extremely helpful for those who may not feel comfortable discussing their mental health with others or want to gain better insight into why they feel certain emotions and behaviors. Additionally, this technology can help healthcare professionals better understand their patient’s needs and provide more personalized care plans based on each individual’s unique needs.

NuraLogix Anura is an innovative app that uses the power of facial recognition technology to analyze one’s overall health and wellness — both physical and mental. By scanning the user’s face, the app provides information such as skin color, wrinkles, facial expressions, and body language — all used to generate an investigational report which can help users better understand their current state of mind as well as suggest changes in lifestyle habits needed for long-term health benefits. I plan on dabbling with it more as it will keep track of your well-being over time.

For those looking for more comprehensive data on their general well-being without going through traditional channels like therapy or visiting doctor's offices — Nuralogix’s Anurua could be an invaluable tool worth exploring!

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