The Eysing PF40 is an Electric Moped With Class


 A Fusion of Italian Design and Dutch Craftsmanship
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The Eysing PF40 is a revolutionary two-wheeler that combines the best Italian design (Pininfarina) with the highest quality Dutch (Eysing) craftsmanship. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the luxury electric moped segment, taking a forward-looking approach to design while also paying homage to the past. It’s a collaboration that has resulted in something truly remarkable — and it’s now available for those looking to experience something unique and exciting.
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Design & Technology
The all-electric Eysing PF40 is designed for early adopters, thrill seekers, cyclists, urban travelers, and commuters alike. Classic Italian design elements from the 70s inspire its sleek look. But its modern features make it ideal for today’s digital age. It features a cutting-edge display screen with customizable settings and an integrated GPS to easily find your vehicle in the app should it somehow “disappear.” With its well-constructed frame and powerful motor, you can get up to speed quickly.

The Eysing PF40 also has safety features like drum brakes, a large LED headlight, daytime running lights, and more. So you can ride confidently, knowing that your safety is the top priority. And when you’re done riding for the day, use its integrated charging port to power up your battery overnight.
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Performance & Style
If performance isn’t enough to entice you into trying out this new two-wheeler, then perhaps its style will do the trick! The Eysing PF40 was designed with both form and function in mind — giving riders a powerful machine that looks good too!
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Additional Specifications:
The Eysing PF40 is hand built with top-notch parts, which can be seen in the two-wheeler’s overall weight, which tops off at a whopping 60kg (132 lbs). With a comprehensive range of 100km (62 miles), the PF40 is well equipped for those long commutes. The cycle can be recharged in as little as 4 hours (fast-charge) or 8 hours (standard charge). This moped can be ridden at speeds as high as 45 km/h (28mph) to as slow as 25 km/h (16mph).
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The Eysing PF40 combines Italian design flair with Dutch craftsmanship to create something special — a futuristic two-wheeler ready to take on any adventure! Its range of safety features and innovative technological enhancements offers riders an unparalleled experience in luxury transportation without sacrificing performance or style. Now for the bad news. This comes at a hefty price, starting at $14,600 before tax and delivery charges are added. Luxury and innovation, as usual, come at a price!

Whether looking for an everyday commuter vehicle or an off-road thrill machine, this two-wheeler has everything you need to get where you’re going quickly and safely! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and ride!

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