Lavoie Series 1: McLaren Jumps into the Personal Mobility Market


McLaren's First EV Scooter?
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We all know the future of transportation is electric, and everyone is scrambling to make the switch. Famous supercar maker McLaren recently unveiled their first-ever electric vehicle, but it’s not a car. It’s a scooter — specifically, the Lavoie Series 1. Even more remarkable is that McLaren states that this new “personal mobility solution” will redefine how people get around. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting new EV technology!

Powerful and Portable
The Lavoie Series 1 has a range of 50 km (31 miles) and weighs 36 pounds (14 kg), so it's not extremely light but can be carried when needed. Proving its portability, it can be folded using its patented one-touch Flowfold system, which consists of one lever.
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But don’t let its size fool you; this scooter packs some serious power! The motor has two peak outputs for acceleration and hill climbing, giving you a boost when needed and ensuring you never get left behind in traffic. The battery also charges quickly, taking only 90 minutes to reach 80% capacity from empty.

Advanced Technology
The Lavoie Series 1 has intelligent features like an integrated LCD dashboard, turn-by-turn directions, anti-theft alarms, left and right indicators controlled by the handlebars, and more. It’s designed with the commuter in mind; its frame is made from automotive-grade magnesium. Plus, with its oversized tires and expansive deck, you get an extremely comfortable ride every time!
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Safety First
As with all EVs, safety was one of McLaren’s top priorities when developing this scooter. The brakes are dual hydraulic disc brakes that provide powerful stopping power no matter what the conditions are like outside. The braking system also includes kinetic energy recovery to reenergize the battery.

This scooter is also equipped with an all-encompassing LED lighting system starting with the eye-catching triangular headlight and the surrounding deck and rear indicator lights. The rider is well-illuminated in a blanket of light during their daily commute, whether day or night.
HeadlightPhoto bymedia by Lavoie
Triangular DesignPhoto bymedia by Lavoie

Final details like pricing and specifications are still being solidified, and the hope is they will be released in the next couple of weeks. Mclaren has created something special with the Lavoie Series 1 electric scooter — a personal mobility solution that could redefine how people get around in cities worldwide. From its powerful motor to its advanced technology features to its safety-first design philosophy, there’s no doubt that this scooter will be popular among commuters everywhere once it hits the market in 2023! If nothing else, we have to give credit where credit is due — McLaren continues to innovate in ways few other companies do!

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