An Electric Recreation Vehicle (eRV) from Thor Industries Has Range!


Go The Distance With The "Vision"!
Thor Vision Vehiclemedia by Thor Industries

Thor Industries, not to be left out of the discussion, has developed their concept eRV (Electric Recreation Vehicle), the Thor Vision Vehicle. This particular means of transportation has an industry-leading range due mainly to the high-capacity battery pack and integrated multi-fuel cell. The actual fuel source has yet to be decided but is expected to be either propane or hydrogen. Also, a major contributing factor to the long-range is increased aerodynamics. This vehicle has streamlined the entire outside of the recreational vehicle by removing and concealing the A/C unit, and the side mirrors are replaced with sharp cameras. Overall, they have reduced the amount of drag to the tune of around 30%.
Side Mirror HD Internal Displaymedia by Thor Industries

In a previous article, I detailed the eRV concept from Winnebago Industries:

A Sign of Things to Come: Electric Recreational Vehicles (eRV’S)
Winnebago’s eRV Concept, Soon to be Reality!

Thor Industries improves upon Winnebago’s one major shortcoming, which is range. Thor saw a need to achieve a range over 300 miles, or 5 hours of highway driving, beating the disappointing 125-mile promise of the Winnebago eRV. Expect a full charge in 75 minutes using a level III charger (this unit will support levels II and III).

Integrated controls exist throughout the vehicle allowing the user to make any adjustments through the display screen, voice assistant (Alexa), or smartphone application. This includes changes to ambient lighting and resource monitoring.
Sliding Control Panelmedia by Thor Industries

Features include:

Digital Films (Frosted Glass) on the windows to increase privacy and protection from UV light

A full-length SkyView Moonroof along with enhanced solar capabilities. As mentioned before, the A/C and exhaust have been moved to the upper rear and concealed to improve the aerodynamics.
Moon Roof with Solar Panelsmedia by Thor Industries

Streamlined appliances include a drawer-style fridge and freezer with an overhead microwave.

LED Accent lighting throughout
LED Ambient Lightingmedia by Thor Industries

A self-contained area/garage consists of 100 cubic feet of storage. Note the gladiator racking system with extra storage in the doors and beneath the floor.
Rear Storage/Garagemedia by Thor Industries

Like the Winnebago offering, Thor has also included sustainable materials throughout this vehicle. The countertops comprise recycled paper and bamboo at the core: Cork, bamboo flooring throughout the cabin, and thin-cut slate in the shower. The couch also contains recycled foam within the cushions.

There is no word on the actual production date, but 2024 is possible. Expect this concept to go through continuous changes between now and then, especially given today's market volatility. It won’t be long before we start seeing these on the open road!

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