Video Exposes Surprising Culprit Behind Sheep Pen Breakouts, Leaving Farm Staff in Shock

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After weeks of puzzlement, Whitehouse Farm Centre's staff members have finally cracked the case, thanks to a recently installed video security camera.
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Located in Northumberland, England, Whitehouse Farm Centre holds the distinction of being the largest family-operated farm attraction in the area. Covering 40 acres of land, the farm is home to an extensive collection of animals that visitors can interact with under the guidance of hospitable staff. Visitors can learn how to properly handle, feed, and care for an array of exotic and domesticated animals, including the affable Leicester sheep named Lucy who resides on the farm. The farm is open to school groups, families, and all other visitors.

Lucy and her pen-mates have been causing quite a stir on the farm lately, as they have been found wandering free from their enclosure during the night. Despite the best efforts of the farm staff, they were unable to determine who was responsible for opening the gate and letting the sheep out. In an effort to solve the mystery, they decided to set up a camera, and the results were nothing short of astonishing.

After reviewing the footage, the farm staff were amazed to discover that the culprit behind the nightly escapes was none other than Lucy herself. This clever ewe had managed to work out how to unlatch the gate, and was leading her fellow sheep to freedom under the cover of darkness. Needless to say, the workers were both surprised and impressed by Lucy's ingenuity and determination.

Now that they know who the ringleader is, the farm staff are taking steps to ensure that the sheep stay securely in their pen at night. However, they can't help but admire Lucy's resourcefulness and intelligence, and are keeping a closer eye on her to see what other surprises she might have up her woolly sleeve.

Watch the video below to see the clever girl working the latch like a pro, and don’t forget to share.

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