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Are you a self-proclaimed “thought leader”? Planting your stake in the conference speaker circuit? Or maybe you’re like the rest of us who keep our profiles updated in case we finally quit our job and need to look for another.

LinkedIn is the professional network platform of our time. It's pretty crucial you’re at least searchable.

If you’re anything like me, you want to stay active but without much effort.

But what are you supposed to post?

Unlike your personal social media accounts, you may want to keep things fairly formal. Need I remind you of the crying CEO?

This CEO posted a crying selfie on LinkedIn. It didn't go over well.

Job updates, re-sharing influential posts, and the occasional thought from your career niche should do.

In comes a tool that not only provides you ideas, but this site will literally create the post for you.

Just plug in these two prompts for an easy post:

  • What you did today 🌞
  • Any inspirational advice 💭

Plus it even has a “cringe level” slider — you know, how influential do we REALLY want to get?


Try an example with me:

Let’s say that today “I ran a mile” (unlikely, but we’re branding ourselves as runners today), and my advice was to “do the hard things”. I set the cringe level to medium.

Here’s what our AI friend spit out:

It's a play on what any LinkedIn influencer may post, including insane engagement.

Keep in mind, it’s AI, so it’s not perfect. And I should say, don’t just copy-paste this to your page. This bot obviously did a number on this one.

When you’re in a funk or need to craft a post quickly, this certainly does give you an easy format.

Try it out here:

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