New study shows that 64% of people say plants have souls

Inna Dinkins

Do you consider your plants your own personal friends?

According to a study from, almost half (48%) of Americans speak to their little-leafed friends.

They surveyed 1,250 people on their activities with plants — and here are the results:

  • Of the 48% that speak to plants, one in five say they speak to their plants every day
  • Two-thirds believe it helps them grow
  • Nearly one in four even say they have kissed their plants
  • 70% say they talk to them occasionally, and just 9% talk to them rarely
  • More than one in five (21%) say they talk to their plants and trees every day
  • When asked which types of plants they usually talk to, 80% say they talk to their houseplants, 62% talk to outdoor plants, and 37% talk to trees

Of the people who speak with their plants, they have also thought that plants have souls.

Why do we love talking with our plants?

Respondents had this to say:

  • They have feelings and when I talk to my plants, they move
  • I think it is fun and I have read it helps them grow
  • They are our beautiful friends [I want to] thank them for their beauty. Indoor plants help with oxygen [too], I believe
  • I think my flowers are beautiful and it makes me happy

While there is evidence that houseplants improve mood, boost productivity, and improve air quality with their oxygen-rich environment, there may also be benefits to speaking with our leafy friends - like reduced stress!

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