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For those who believe, prayer can play a big role in helping to guide us through challenges. It reminds us of a higher power and allows us to surrender worries or problems out of our control. Although many might pray over tragic circumstances or big issues, one mom shares a now viral post about her prayer on her Facebook page, about a sippy cup for her son.

Mother, writer, and education, Kali Dawson writes -

I prayed over a dinosaur sippy cup in my SUV this morning, head bowed, tears flowing: to the outside world it might seem strange--but not to a Medical Mama. Since we began weaning our 3-year-old off of the Predisone that he has been on since his life-saving Heart Transplant almost a year ago: he hasn't wanted to eat or drink any water. We've tried everything. So I went to the grocery store and grabbed anything I could think of that a toddler might say 'yes" to. He loves rainbow colored things and dinosaurs.
I was heading to the self-checkout and I saw these at the end of the aisle: I've been so worried about him I almost started to cry again because he loves George's dinosaur on Peppa Pig. When I returned to my SUV I prayed that he would accept water from this dinosaur. When I arrived home, I gave him the dinosaur water: 180mls of it...and he saw it and he said: "DINE-SAW!! RAWRRRR!!"Full of excitement. And he drank it!! And now he's happy and eating some of the colorful surprises I got him.
I always pray about everything for my kids. Even the little things that might seem insignificant: but nothing is ever insignificant to God. I believe God wanted me to go to that store and walk by these cups this morning. Because I was going to go somewhere else. I was up last night praying John would start eating and drinking and I was running out of ideas. Philippians 4:6 reminds us to pray about everything: So if you saw me in my vehicle holding a dinosaur sippy cup this morning with my head bowed:that's exactly what I was doing. Thank God He cares about every single detail: and we can bring them ALL to Him.

Visit Kali's page to follow her journey.

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