Only 34% of Americans see President Biden as “honest and trustworthy”, an all-time low

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President Joe Biden at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023.Photo bySusan Walsh / AP Photo

In recent news, President Joe Biden was found to have been storing classified documents and the public’s perception of him has shifted.

According to a recent YouGov America poll of 1,500 U.S. citizens, the amount of Americans who see Biden as “honest and trustworthy” has dropped 8% since the poll in December. Currently, 48% say he is not honest and trustworthy. 20% are unsure of their opinion of this statement towards Joe Biden.

Over half of Americans, 51%, now disapprove of how Biden is doing his job. 41% still approve of his work, and 8% are unsure.

Looking towards the future, to the 2024 run for presidency, only 38% of Democrats want him to run for office - which is down drastically from the 46% of Democrats just the previous week. Only 21% of all U.S. citizens would look forward to Biden running for office in 2024. 58% of all Americans would not like him to run.

51% disapprove of President Biden, and only 41% still have his approval. Just one week prior, the two sides were only four percentage points apart, 44% who approve and 48% disapprove.

Many Americans still seem to respect him in the issues of foreign policy, with a 41% approval, and his handling of the Russia- Ukraine war, 40% whom approve. While most disagree with his action on crime, which only 33% approve.

As inflation has only increased, and the cost of consumer goods soaring, Americans are not happy with Biden’s action. Only 32% approve how he is handling prices and inflation at this time.

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