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Top dog names in New York City

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Dog names tell a lot about not only the dog, but the family, location, and lifestyle. While a recent article discussed the significance of people/dog name crossovers and the most popular choices for each, a recent discussion was prompted on Reddit after a list of the most popular dog names in New York City was posted.

Originally from the NYC Dog Licensing Dataset, they counted licenses that were valid on March 1, 2020. The total number of dog lisenses is 85.529 and the total unique names are 14,645.

Here are the top 15 most popular dog names in NYC, in order:

  • Bella (1,035)
  • Max (821)
  • Luna (718)
  • Charlie (717)
  • Coco (658)
  • Lola (618)
  • Rocky (598)
  • Lucy (542)
  • Daisy (485)
  • Lucky (468)
  • Teddy (466)
  • Buddy (455)
  • Bailey (454)
  • Milo (419)
  • Toby (404)

Some top comments on the Reddit thread included,

Every other dog (and cat) in my area seems to be named Loki. People are also strangely super defensive of it. They named their pet Loki “before it was cool” - UnderwaterKahn
As an ex vet tech I knew it was gonna be BELLA - Bpopson
Does 85,529 total licensed dogs in a city of over 8 million people seem low to anybody else? - michigan_matt

Apparently some users did not know you had to register dogs, so a more appropriate title should have been “Most Popular Licensed Dogs in NYC”.

Also, Bella seems to be the classiest name, according to one New Yorker.

View the full list of NYC top dog names here.

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