Gay Pastor Storms Out of Interview After Being Asked, "Is he your husband or your wife"

Ingram Atkinson

A gay pastor, who sat down for an interview with a journalist. The interview began with a simple question: "So you are a homosexual pastor?" To which the pastor replied, "I am a homosexual pastor, yes."

This immediately sets the tone for the conversation to come, as the pastor is openly acknowledging and embracing their identity as both a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a religious leader.

"Why do you think that God would call a person a homosexual to be a pastor but not change?"
"I don't think they're God majors where we minor, I think that what happens is we put limitations on God."

The conversation then takes a slightly unexpected turn, as the interviewer asks, "So you believe that God can be a woman?"

The pastor responds, "A homosexual, God can be whatever you need God to be."

However, the conversation takes another turn when the interviewer asks about the pastor's partner, saying, "So you said that you introduced, is he your husband or your wife?"

The pastor responds by saying, "I'm going to end this interview," Upon saying this the interviewer asks why and the pastor ends up repeatedly cursing him out.

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