In 1970, a 13-Year-Old Girl Was Discovered, Unable to Speak or Walk. She Was Abused By Her Father for 13 Years

Ingram Atkinson
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One of the most well-known cases of a feral child in modern times is the story of Genie Wiley. Born in LA in 1957, she suffered extreme abuse and neglect from her father for 13 years. 

Confined to a room, physically restrained, and isolated, Genie was discovered in 1970 unable to speak, walk, or engage in social interaction.

Despite attempts by therapists and researchers to help her, Genie's development was severely impacted and she spent the rest of her life in institutional care. 

Her story has inspired books, films, and documentaries, but it serves as a warning of the devastating consequences of child abuse and neglect.

Genie's father kept her locked up with limited light and sound, physically restrained, and subjected to repeated beatings and verbal abuse. At the time of discovery, she was unable to communicate or engage in meaningful social interaction. 

Despite progress in development, she remained handicapped and never lived independently or formed meaningful relationships.

The case of Genie Wiley is a powerful reminder of the lasting damage that can result from child abuse and neglect. It should inspire us to prevent such abuse and provide support and resources to those affected. 

Her story should be a call to action for all to work towards a safer and more supportive environment for children.

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