Man Found a Way to Convert Red Diesel to White Diesel, Reducing the Price of Diesel by Nearly 2X

Ingram Atkinson

Recently, Vice shed light on a highly controversial and illegal fuel trick that is being used by individuals to significantly reduce their fuel costs. 

The story focuses on one man, James, who is converting red diesel into white diesel in the backyard of his council flat.

For those unfamiliar with the different types of diesel, white diesel is the standard fuel that is used for vehicles on public roads, and it currently retails for around $10.03 per gallon. On the other hand, red diesel is not intended for use in cars on public roads, but rather for agricultural and construction industries. 

The UK government reduces tax on red diesel to bring down fuel bills for these industries, but a red dye is added to the fuel to differentiate it from white diesel.

According to James, the trick lies in buying red diesel, which can be found for as low as 45 cents per liter, and then removing the red dye using cat litter. 

This process allows James to sell the converted white diesel for just $1.23 per liter. Despite the considerable cost savings, there are significant risks involved with using red diesel in vehicles on public roads.

If police pull over a driver and dip their tank, finding red diesel in the vehicle, they can fine the driver per liter of fuel and seize their car

This makes the practice highly illegal and dangerous, yet it remains a popular choice for individuals looking to cut down their fuel costs.

While it is understandable that individuals may feel the need to resort to such measures in the face of rising fuel prices, it is important to consider the risks involved. 

Not only could individuals face severe consequences for breaking the law, but they could also be putting their own safety and that of others on the road at risk. 

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