Husband Refuses to Sleep on In-Laws' Couch, Instead He Sleeps in a Hotel

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A recent Reddit post has been making the rounds online, capturing the attention of thousands of users. 

With over 7600 upvotes and nearly 2000 comments, the post details a disagreement between a husband and his wife's family over sleeping arrangements during a visit.

The husband, who got married to his wife last summer, had never visited his in-laws before but had met them a few times and had a cordial relationship. 

They accepted an invitation to stay with the family for a few days, but things took a turn for the worse when the family made it clear that they expected the husband to sleep on the couch and not share a bed with his wife.

The husband was taken aback by the request and had a problem with the implication that he should not be allowed to sleep next to his wife. He also had a bad back and the couch did not look comfortable. 

After an argument, the husband decided to leave and book a hotel room. The next day, the wife's parents demanded an apology and insisted that the husband return to the house and sleep on the couch for the rest of the visit.

The husband refused to comply, and the situation escalated further, with the wife's sisters getting involved and trying to resolve the issue. 

The husband was livid and refused to offer any apology, stating that he was no longer willing to treat the rest of the trip as a family vacation. He was willing to go sightseeing and meet his wife back at the airport at the end of the week.

The post has sparked a great deal of conversation online, with many users expressing their opinions on the situation. 

The story serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of setting clear boundaries and respecting one another's opinions, especially when visiting family.

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