Long-Term Boyfriend Wants 1-Year Break, Leaves Partner Struggling with Trust Issues

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A 27-year-old woman recently posted a heart-wrenching story on Reddit about her long-term boyfriend wanting to take a one-year long break from their relationship. 

The post quickly gained attention, garnering over 1600 likes and nearly 600 comments from users offering support and advice.

The woman and her 28-year-old boyfriend had been in a healthy and communicative relationship for seven years, dating since they were 20 years old. However, a few days prior to the post, the woman noticed that something was bothering her boyfriend and upon asking him, he revealed that he wasn't feeling fulfilled in his life. 

She states taht he expressed dissatisfaction with his job and finances, and that the only thing that was good in his life was her.

Over the next few days, the couple had several emotional conversations and cried together. At first, the woman was scared about the possibility of their relationship ending but as they talked more, she realized that the problem was with her boyfriend and his unhappiness with his life, rather than their relationship.

Despite her boyfriend's statements that he doesn't want to live without her, he floated the idea of taking a one-year break to find himself. However, the woman wasn't comfortable with this idea, feeling that she deserved a concrete answer and commitment to therapy if they were to stay together.

Her boyfriend expressed that her happiness was the most important thing to him and that he needed time to think, around a month, before making a decision. 

Meanwhile, the woman was left to ponder her own wants and needs, feeling that her trust in him had been slightly shattered by his proposal.

The story, as shared by the Reddit user, highlights the complex and emotional challenges that can arise in long-term relationships and the importance of open communication and self-discovery.

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