Turkish Man Pushes Pregnant Wife Off a Cliff in Order to Get Life Insurance Money

Ingram Atkinson

On a beautiful day in Turkey, a couple, Haklan Aysal and his pregnant wife, decided to take a hike together. The wife, who was seven months pregnant and scared of heights, was hesitant to go but agreed to join her husband. 

They reached the summit of a 1000-foot cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the views were breathtaking. They took selfies and spent 30 minutes enjoying the scenery. But little did the wife know, the hike was all part of a sinister plan.

When nobody was watching, Haklan Aysa grabbed his wife and pushed her off the cliff. The reason for this heinous act was to collect the life insurance money, which was $25,000. The wife, who was not only pregnant but also terrified of heights, fell to her death.

This tragic event was not only a loss of a precious life but also a betrayal of trust and love. The thought of someone pushing their own pregnant wife off a cliff for financial gain is unfathomable and sends shivers down the spine. 

The authorities were quickly informed of the incident and arrested Haklan Aysa. He is now facing life imprisonment for his crime.

It is important to remember that actions have consequences and the decision to harm another person, especially for personal gain, is not only morally wrong but also illegal. 

This tragic event serves as a reminder to always treat others with kindness and respect and to never take advantage of those we love.

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