A New Mother Ends Relationship After Boyfriend Asked for Paternity Test. “As soon as the results come, I’m leaving him”

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A new mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently went through a difficult experience with her boyfriend of three years. 

The couple welcomed a baby boy into the world a few months ago, and while adjusting to the new role of being a parent was challenging, the couple felt that they were doing well as a team. However, a sudden request from the boyfriend has thrown everything into turmoil.

On a Friday evening, the boyfriend came home and, out of the blue, asked his partner for a paternity test. The request caught the mother off guard, and she was left feeling hurt and confused. 

Her boyfriend explained that he needed to be certain that he was the father, as he needed that level of certainty in their relationship.

The mother was devastated by the request, as she felt that it indicated a lack of trust on her boyfriend's part. 

She expressed that she had always been transparent with him and had never given him any reason to believe that she had cheated on him. She felt that the request was a deeply hurtful and painful blow to the relationship.

Despite her initial shock and hurt, the mother eventually decided to allow the paternity test to take place. She stated that she had nothing to hide and that her boyfriend's request was not going to change the fact that he was the father of their child. 

However, she also made it clear that once the test results came back and confirmed that he was indeed the father, she would be ending their relationship.

The mother is now in the process of making plans for her future, including finding a new place to live, and seeking legal counsel to work out a custody arrangement for their child. 

She is keeping the situation private for now, as she wants to prioritize her child and not involve her family or friends, who she believes would be upset by the news.

This experience has been a difficult one for the mother, and she is still coming to terms with the fact that her relationship with her boyfriend is over. 

She expresses that starting the new year in this way was not how she had imagined it, but she is determined to move forward and to be a cooperative co-parent for her child's sake.

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