In this Missouri School District, Physical Beatings May Be Reinstated, Sparking Controversy

Ingram Atkinson

The use of corporal punishment as a means to discipline people is one tht has been around with humans since the beginning and a form of punishment that is still currently being used around the world however, in countries such as the U.S the use of physical beatings has been done away with, mostly.

There's one Missouri School District that is changing the way students are being punished and it has sparked controversy.

Teachers will now be able to strike kids with a paddle after the Missouri School District opted to reinstate the use of corporal punishment, which has caused considerable division among many. The vote to reinstate hitting students was initiated by the students' parents, which makes it even stranger. It states that parents who want their children to be hit can sign an opt-in form; apparently, this will only be done as a last resort.

Other rules that were cited were the prohibition on hitting students in the head or face as punishment. The smaller pupils will now receive one or two swings and swattings with a paddle, while the older students may receive up to three swings. So, will this be advantageous or disadvantageous for students?

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