After graduating from college, man gets paid to do nothing

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Introduce yourself to Shoji Morimoto, a Japanese man who is paid to do nothing. Shoji has always been told by family and friends that he does nothing all day. After graduating from college and realizing he didn't enjoy his job, he made the decision to just accept who he was and pursue his passions, which were, of course, nothing. 

Shoji literally rented himself out as a person who only engaged in eating, drinking, and responding to inquiries with a single word. Although he initially provided his services for free, they ended up being so well-liked that he now charges clients roughly $95 in addition to covering his meal and travel costs.

In total, Shoji has seen 3000 clients since he first began seeing patients, seeing about 3–4 people per day. Shoji claims that the majority of people who use his services are frequently bored or lonely and just want someone to listen to them. His customers never have to worry about being judged because he doesn't really talk, which may be a tremendous relief. 

People have actually hired Shoji out to express their frustration about various issues, like divorce, depression, and even a murder they committed that they needed to get off their chest. 

Others are simply content that Shoji goes out with them in silence so they don't feel alone.Since then, Shoji has written books, provided the idea for a TV program, and generally made a living by doing nothing. Sign up to my free newsletter for more news updates and stories like this. 

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