After getting into a serious accident, man couldn’t stop hiccuping for over 68 years

Ingram Atkinson

A large 350-pound hog was being carried by a 29-year-old farm worker called Charles Osborne in 1922, but just as he raised it, he collapsed in a trance. He didn't feel any pain at first and was OK after just a few minutes, but then he began to hiccup. Charles's physician eventually surmised that Charles's companion likely killed the tiny region of his brain that suppresses the hiccup desire, which makes sense given that no matter what he tried, they persisted. 

Except for brief intervals of calm that would last a few hours, Charles hiccuped 20 to 40 times per minute every day for the following few decades. He gradually gains knowledge of topics like how to hiccup while sleeping as well as blending his food in order to consume it.

However, Charles never gave up on finding a cure and once declared that he would sacrifice everything he had to be able to get rid of them. And they abruptly halted in 1990, 68 years after they had begun. 

Even though Charles passed away at the age of 97 just one year later, those were probably the most contented months of his life. He led a fairly typical life, getting married twice, and having eight kids. Even today, he continues to hold the world record.

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