After toxic boss pays employee in 500lbs worth of pennies , man sues for $37,000

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This boss was sued due to his blatant pettiness. A man named Andreas made the decision to leave his position as an employee at an auto shop in November of 2020. Miles Walker, his boss, had a history of being incredibly poisonous in his opinion, so when he started making crude remarks about Andreas's daughter, he realized he had to quit. 

But even after Andre kindly washed and returned his uniform and explained in detail why he was quitting, his boss just refused to give him his final $915 salary. The first time Andreas and his girlfriend brought up their lawyers was four months later.

Finally, the boss paid up with 91,500 oily pennies and a polite message. Andres received a pile of greasy pennies that weighed more than 500 pounds. It took him about 7 hours to move all of them, during which time he left a grease stain. 

Andreas was able to scrub and wash only about $5 worth of pennies after spending several hours at it. Andreas recently filed a $37,000 lawsuit against his supervisor for retaliating against them after he departed. 

He discovered during the process that his boss had broken a couple overtime labor laws, and he is now suing for that as well. Sign up to my free newsletter for more news updates and stories like this. 

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