After finding a $10,000 check, homeless man’s life drastically changes

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Elmer Alvarez, a homeless man, was simply strolling around in 2017 when he unexpectedly came across a $10,000 check on the ground. Although Elmer had been homeless for more than a year and was currently in recovery from addiction, he had never seen so many zeros in his life. He instantly began looking for the person who had misplaced it. 

He believed that to be the proper course to take. It turned out that Roberta Hoskey, a real estate broker, was the one who had misplaced the check. Roberta had anticipated that the person returning her money would be extremely wealthy and well-dressed.

Since Roberta had previously been homeless before establishing her multimillion dollar businesses, she knew precisely what Elmer was going through, therefore she was extremely shocked when she learned that Elmer was genuinely homeless. She chose to assist Elmer because she was aware of his generosity. 

She assisted him in finding an apartment initially, and then covered his first seven months' rent. She then put him through real estate school with the intention of hiring him to eventually join her at her business. Elmer really joined the board of directors of one of her foundations a year later.

Together, they started working on a project to aid in the construction of houses for further homeless youth and teenagers. His whole life was changed because of her generosity.  Sign up to my free newsletter for more news updates and stories like this. 

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