After serving in Afghanistan, man pretended to be paralyzed in order to get a house for free

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While serving a tour in Afghanistan in 2011, Justin Perez Gorda, a 22-year-old U.S. Army specialist, was severely hurt by an IED explosion. He sustained a traumatic brain injury as well as damage to his legs and lower body, but he lived. He informed everyone of his impending permanent paralysis, including with his wife. 

After two years an organization called homes for our heroes, which was true to its objective of providing badly injured veterans with free specially modified homes, became aware of Justin's tale. They gave Justin a brand-new house for $380,000 as a gift.

Even while homes for our troops tried contacting Justin about his apparent recovery, neighbors got a video showing Justin casually walking around without a wheelchair in just a few weeks after he and his wife moved in. When neighborhood detectives attempted to go to the house, they were ignored. 

Simply telling them to leave his land, Justin. After the couple continued to refuse to give an explanation, his wife would even later accuse homes for a troop, claiming that they had known for years that he could actually walk. In 2017, they faced multiple fraud-related charges. 

But just a few months before his trial, Justin would die while being held in jail. Later, his wife was found guilty on 11 counts of wire fraud and other charges, and she now faces a maximum sentence of 275 years. Sign up to my free newsletter for more news updates and stories like this. 

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