After Hiding her True Identity During Honeymoon, Man Files for Divorce

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A husband divorced his newly married wife on their honeymoon after uncovering a secret that she had been hiding. After a very beautiful wedding and marriage, this couple was ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Excited and full of love, the couple immediately embarked on their honeymoon to the aluminum Sudan Beach in Dubai. 

Things were going fantastic until the couple decided to go for a swim. After jumping into the beautiful clearwater, the husband swam around on his own for a little bit before sneaking up behind his wife to scare her. However, he was embarrassed to discover that the woman he had snuck up on wasn't actually his wife.

He started looking about to see where she had gone, but despite his best efforts, he was unable to locate her. The woman he had initially sneaked up on approached him at that point, and to his horror, he learned that she was actually his wife. 

The water had simply removed all the layers of makeup that she had been wearing for the six months prior to their wedding; the husband had never, not once, seen his wife without makeup. As a result, he was simply unable to recognize her. Just a few weeks after their wedding, the husband immediately left and requested a divorce feeling betrayed. Sign up to my free newsletter for more news updates and stories like this. 

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