After Failing the Same Exam Multiple Times, Man Cheats in a Never-Before-Seen Way

Ingram Atkinson

How far would you go in order to pass a very important exam?

This tale demonstrates the lengths to which a person will go in order to succeed on a test. An incredibly significant exam, which he had to pass in order to become a doctor, was arranged for an Indian medical student. The issue was that he had consistently failed that exam since enrolling in college 11 years prior, and because this would be his final opportunity to take it, he felt he had to be absolutely positive that he would pass. 

So he made the decision to pay a surgeon to insert a Bluetooth gadget surgically inside his ear. In order to access the Internet or other resources, he intended to connect this device to a phone that was concealed beneath his jeans.

If the test administrators hadn't performed a surprise check, it might have truly succeeded. The student's phone was located in the exam room, and when it was discovered to be connected to an ostensibly invisible Bluetooth device, they began questioning him. Eventually, the pressure got to him, and he broke down and confessed . ...…In the end he didn’t pass the exam and the window closed. Sign up to my free newsletter for more news updates and stories like this. 

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Did he take his cheating too far? Why or why not?

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