Meet the Man that Prevented the Destruction of Humanity

Ingram Atkinson

This person prevented the extinction of humanity. 

The US and the Soviet Union had enough nuclear weapons to end the planet during the Cold War, and everyone was terrified of a nuclear conflict. The US Navy discovered an unidentified submarine hidden near Cuba on October 27, 1962. The Soviets dispatched this submarine, known as B59, on a top-secret mission. 

The US attempted to force it to surface for identification by dropping non-lethal depth charges while armed with a nuclear torpedo bomb. B59 had been unable to communicate with the base in Moscow for days because it was too deep underwater to pick up any radio transmission.

The crew mistook the charges for an attack because they were unsure whether or not a war had started. The captain gave the order to launch the nuclear torpedo as a retaliation against the American since he believed they were about to be blown up. A full-fledged nuclear war would have very likely resulted, wreaking havoc and killing millions worldwide. 

The political officer, the commander of B59, and the captain all had to give their consent for the launch to proceed. Everyone agreed, with the exception of Arkhipov, who declined because he believed the charges might only be warning shots. In the end, his caution proved well and good.

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