After Living a Good Life With a Wife and Kids, Man Learns That It Was All a Lie

Ingram Atkinson

At a party in 2005, a man named Mike who was in his final semester of college met this incredibly attractive woman named Jade. Although Jade initially tried to avoid him, Mike pursued her for months before finally winning her heart. For Mike, it was essentially love at first sight. It was a real dream come true, and miraculously, my sliding only got better after that. 

After graduating from college, Mike almost immediately began working at a fantastic job that made him quite wealthy. He soon wed Jade, and since she was no longer required to work, she soon gave birth to a boy and then a girl.

Mike was as content as he could be at that moment. He had two children who he loved more than everything in the world, an incredible wife, and a job. But one morning as Mike prepared to leave for work, he abruptly became aware of a strange object in the room's corner. 

The red lamp had always been there, but on that particular day, something about it seemed off. Strangely, the lamp appeared blurry to him in some way while everything else in the room appeared to be sharply focused. Mike stopped all eating and drinking because he simply couldn't stop staring at it.

Jade was immediately concerned for him and even brought in a mental health professional to determine what was wrong, but she might just want to go. He continued to sit there for three full days, just gazing at the lamp. Mike ignored his wife's complete panic and his children's sobs at this point and continued to stare until he suddenly realized.

The lamp was an imitation. In an instant, Mike's body erupted in pain, and the next thing he knew, he was lying on his back on a sidewalk, surrounded by strangers. Mike was incredibly perplexed, but he shut off from the pain, and when he eventually woke up again, he was in a hospital.

Mike started asking the physicians where his wife was right away, but they just answered him. Why don't you tell me about your wife? Mike was then informed by the doctors that he had been assaulted at random on his college campus by a 325-pound football player. He might have been unconscious for a brief period of time. The past ten years of Mike's life were suddenly revealed to be a lie. His kids, his wife, and his job.

All of that never actually occurred. Mike suffered from severe depression for the following three years, lamenting the death of his wife and children who never existed. He used to sob himself to sleep in the hopes of seeing his wife in his dreams because he believed he had become insane. 

But since that time, Mike has begun to rebuild his life, and things have been improving steadily. But the incident fundamentally altered their relationship, and he still occasionally sees his son in his dreams today.

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