After finding odd notes in apartment, man takes action and saves his own life in the process

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After a long day at work, a man named Joseph was a few years ago returning to his apartment when he abruptly became aware of a yellow Post-it note on his desk. Joseph was reminded by the note of tasks he needed to complete, but the note wasn't written in his handwriting, and he hadn't informed anyone of the tasks he planned to complete. 

Although it was odd, Joseph simply reasoned that he had likely gotten up in the middle of the night and skipped something because it didn't appear to be written in his handwriting. 

He therefore didn't give the note much thought and simply threw it in the trash. That is, until Joseph came home after four days and discovered yet another post-it note on his desk. Similar to the previous note, it was written in a foreign language.

This time, it cautioned him to save the records. While searching the room for evidence of a break-in at that point because Joseph was starting to panic, he found nothing. In the end, he made the decision to install a webcam in his room to record whatever was going on.

Nine days later, when he discovered a note written in the third person on his desk instructing him to perform certain actions, he immediately went to watch the webcam footage. But when he opened the folder containing the recordings, he abruptly realized it was empty.

Post-it notes were popping up, and Joseph understood right away that someone had gotten into his computer and erased all the information. Joseph realized he needed to act quickly over the following few days. But because he had no idea what he could even do, he made the decision to go to Reddit and seek guidance. 

Many users believed that his landlord might be breaking into his apartment or monitoring him, but one particular user had a different and possibly even frightening opinion. He told Joseph that there could be too much carbon monoxide in the room, which would cause Joseph to forget tons of things while still thinking everything's normal.

Someone advised him to make sure the carbon monoxide detector in his apartment was operational. Additionally, he advised acting quickly because carbon monoxide can cause death even in people who are not aware that it is happening. The guy was correct, it turns out. Because Joseph's detector's batteries were dead, they were unable to detect the extreme levels of carbon monoxide. 

Throughout the entire time, Joseph had been making the post-it notes for himself and, due to the carbon monoxide, subsequently forgetting about them. Even the style of his own writing had escaped him. Additionally, his webcam wasn't actually plugged up, thus nothing was being posted to his empty folder.

The carbon monoxide was almost certainly going to kill Joseph, but that Redditor quite literally saved him.

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