After blind woman gets left behind on plane, she decides to take measures into her own hands

Ingram Atkinson

This mistake could have turned things from bad to worse.

In 2010, a blind 18-year-old Canadian named Jessica Cabbot was traveling to Florida on a United Airlines flight to see her fiance. Jessica claimed to be traveling alone because she is blind. When she spoke with the flight attendants in advance, they reassured her, "You know, just wait till the plane lands and then we'll come get you." 

She had already traveled alone three times before, so this routine was comfortable and familiar to her. Or so she believed. a moment after landing. Jessica complied with the request and took a seat.

When she last caught sight of movement, there was eventually only silence, and she thought, "Oh, they're finally here to help me." She audibly heard the plane's door being shut, which was unmistakable. She had been completely forgotten.

After a grueling 10 minutes of being stuck there, the maintenance staff of the aircraft located Jessica after she began to worry and call out. They weren't technically required to be there at the time, and Jessica would have been stranded there for a lot longer if they hadn't been. After finally complaining to United Airlines, she was given a $250 travel voucher.

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