After being homeless for 40 years, man dies a millionaire and the reason is baffling

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Due to this, you should never evaluate a book by its cover. People in the small Swedish town of Skelleftea started noticing this one man wandering the streets constantly in the late 1960s. He was obviously homeless even though he was perhaps in his early 20s. 

People would frequently witness him foraging for food in the dumpsters behind restaurants and searching for tin cans to sell for a few dollars while he wore the same worn-out, filthy blue jacket. 

He was perceived by everyone as being another hobo. Even his family members concurred. The man's name was Curt Degerman, and he had been collecting cans and consuming food scraps for 40 years before he unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack in 2008.

Before it was learned that Kurt was worth more than $1.4 million, nobody seemed to give his death any thought at first. It turns out that over those 40 years, Kurt spent his free time at the Public Library researching the stock market and financial publications whenever he wasn't out scavenging. 

Over the course of that period, he invested the small amounts of money he was earning, and at the time of his passing, he had 124 gold bars totaling $379,000 and a portfolio worth over $1.1 million. Kurt actually left everything to his cousin, who was the only family who bothered to pay him regular visits. Kurt's uncle would eventually challenge his will and gain a portion of the estate as a result.

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