Internet backs woman who withheld giving her boyfriend the keys to her late friend's home

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If a loved one withheld something from you for your own good, how would you feel?

Reena B. Patel, a licensed educational psychologist and board-certified behavior therapist asserts that, " Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Lack of trust can sabotage a relationship before it begins". According to Patel, respect conveys to your partner your value, which makes you feel safe and certain.

This idea of trust is clearly the center of this this recent online post in which the author details why she is withholding giving her boyfriend of 6 months the keys to her late friend's residence.

An online post, published on September 28th by u/Pass33, has since gone viral with over 10,000 upvotes and 2300 comments.

Aaron, the author's friend of fifteen years, passed unexpectedly a few weeks ago. He had neither a wife nor children. She was put in charge of his possessions and his residence. She states that she keeps the apartment's key with her so she can check on it every weekend. When her boyfriend noticed, he requested a copy of the apartment's key. Given that Aaron and the author had only been dating for six months, she was completely baffled by his request and questioned why. He took offense and said she was gate keeping Aaron's memory.

The author states that she apologized and later adds that there were precious items at Aaron's apartment that she couldn't run the risk of losing, and besides, what possible motivation could her boyfriend possibly serve there? He was outraged and claimed that she implied he was dishonest and a "thief." The author made an effort to end the disagreement, but he persisted in complaining that he was hurt and that she had a great deal of mistrust for him. The author states that,

He's insisting saying if I trust then I gotta let him have a copy of the key.

What do people think?

One comment says,

trust your instincts. DO NOT GIVE HIM A COPY OF THE KEY AND DONT LEAVE IT WHERE HE CAN ACCESS IT. this is a major red flag and it's time to reevaluate your relationship. he's gas lighting you about your friend who died to access his things, this is not a good guy.

Another commenter says,

… I don't see why anyone else even needs a key at all outside of the family of OP's deceased friends. And since she said he basically had none, that basically leaves OP who I am assuming is supposed to handle his things …

Do you think she made the right decision by not giving him the key? Comment down below what you think.

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