Bees caught 'eating' paint left the internet confused, but the reason is remarkable

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It’s not everyday that you see bees eating paint. A phenomenon that seems unnatural but has interesting reasoning behind it

u/AndNoc took to Reddit to share a video of bees seemingly eating paint. The post has over 19,500 likes and over 1200 comments. So, why exactly are bees eating eating paint? Is there a hidden explanation?

Take a look at the video and see for yourself

Explanation: The reason behind the bees is an interesting one indeed and requires one to take a look at the specific species of bee which may be the Asian Honey Bee(APIs Cerana). As pointed out by one user, u/fillionpooldreams, when gigantic hornets attack, they have a defense strategy that entails concealing the scent trails the hornets employ to coordinate attacks by sticking pungent objects at the hive entrance. They have been seen gathering soap flakes, paint flakes, animal dung, and other substances with strong scents to cover up the scout wasps' scent markings and prevent mass attacks on the hive. Animals even in the midst of human impact on their environment have managed to evolve and change to better suit their needs such as these bees. Various species of bees have their own ways of dealing with pesky predators each unique to the species physiology and environment.

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