Woman shares a way to fold fitted sheets, leaving the internet baffled

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If there's one thing that almost everyone in a houshold has dealt with it's trying to fold a fitted sheet. Amazingly, this woman folds one as if it were a regular bed sheet. How does she do this?

According to sleepjunkie, 32% of Americans exclusively use bottom (or fitted) sheets on their beds, doing away with top (or flat) sheets. With so many Americans switching to fitted sheets, the struggle of folding fitted sheets has only gotten worse; one could say it's a common household struggle.

The viral video was posted by u/IanAgate online on the sub reddit D*mnthatsinteresting. The video received nearly 1900 likes and over 120 comments. So, how does she fold fitted bed sheets so perfectly?

Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

Takeaway: The process is not as hard as it may appear to be but don't forget that practice make better.

As seen in the video start by taking one side of the sheet and folding beneath the other side of the sheet. Take the side perpendicualr to the sides you chose and bring them together. From there, take the bottom of the sheet and bring up about a third of the length of the sheet. Fold it up again another third of the length of the sheet and take the remaining side and bring over the side you just folded. Take the sides perpendicular to the ones you just folded and bring them together. Open the fold in one of the sides and put the other side into it and now you'll have a perfectly folded fitted sheet.

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Disclaimer: This article was written for educational and informational purposes only.

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