Artist creates 'staircase to heaven' as a way to honor his grandmother

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Imagine seeing the sky lit up with a stunning 500m ladder; one could say it was a staircase to heaven.

u/Future_Line_4253 took to Reddit to share a video displaying the magnificent work of a Chinese artist as he paid tribute to his grandmother who had passed away. The post received nearly 2800 likes and over 50 comments.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

As seen in the video, a beautiful ladder takes shape in the sky lighting it up with an array of colors. A unique way of honoring a loved one.

The ways different cultures honor the dead varies. In Japan, a temple is built in the family's home and the family must pay for it. The temple is filled with many mementos and photos of loved ones. These people are not allowed to be buried in the city but instead they are buried on a small island called Inari, which is where the fox god lives.

In European countries, there are often funeral parlors where you can go to pay your respects and visit your loved ones if they are still alive. The body is usually cremated so there is no need for a funeral home or cemetery.

In India, there are temples that have an open air cremation area where bodies can be burned and then placed in a pile where they will later be picked up by relatives who will take them to their next life. The ashes are then taken back to India where they are placed in an urn with pictures of those who died along with their names written on them so that they can be remembered forever more.

Comment below how you commemorate your dead loved ones. Don't forget to leave a like and share this article with your friends and family.

Disclaimer: This article was written for educational and informational purposes.

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