Man on TikTok shares a way to help toddlers get better at reading, leaving parents amazed

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This hack to teach toddlers to speak and read fluently is incredible and may help improve your toddler's reading capabilities.

According to Readability, children learn to read fluently at different rates. By the end of the third grade, or about when they are 9 or 10 years old, the majority of children can read fluently and independently. At this age, kids can read simple words and picture books. However, there are ways to help improve your toddlers reading capabilities from learning fluently in a couple of years to learning in a just months.

Toddlerscanread took to TikTok to share his way of teaching toddlers sight words in a now viral video which has garnered 1.6 million views, over 270,000 likes and over 840 comments.

Take a look at the video yourself

Takeaway: Try to teach your toddler to sound out common parts of sight words such as the 'oul' in words like 'could' and 'would' instead of plainly memorizing the sight words. However, some memorization is necessary.

According to Allison McDonald from Scholastic, learning sight words can help kids free up their cognitive resources to concentrate on the more challenging words that need for good decoding abilities. In the event that those decoding abilities fail, they can nevertheless comprehend the majority of the content. Sight words are crucial for reading comprehension, but they also serve as excellent self-confidence builders.

As seen in the video, Toddlerscanread starts off by telling the toddler to say the sight word 'could' but as he switched to the sight word 'would' the toddler was not capable of saying it. After learning to pronounce each individual syllable in the words, the toddler was then able to to correctly pronounce both 'could' and 'would'.

One comment said,

My dad taught me this way, I could read better & faster than most at my age and now I’m also a grammar stickler

One parent said,

Yes. My son memorized sight words. My daughter learned phonics. She learned way faster than him when it comes to new words.

Comment down below if this is a method you currently employ with your child and if not, are you willing to try to? Don't forget to leave a like and share this article with your friends and family if you found this article helpful.

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