Internet backs man after finding out girlfriend fed her dog the dinner he made for her

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In a now viral post, online commenters were furious that this woman fed her dog her boyfriend's food and instead back the boyfriend after telling her to leave once he found out what she was up to.

The question was posted under the sub Reddit “Am I The A**hole”(AITA) under the handle u/throwawayscraps, the woman(24F) said that her boyfriend had made a roast along with some vegetables for dinner. She finished before her boyfriend(28M) did and noticed that there was still half of the roast left along with some vegetables. She took the remaining roast and some raw vegetables and was on her way to feed her dog, Shelby. When her boyfriend asked what she was doing she replied by saying that she was on her way to feed Shelby. Her boyfriend replied by saying that he made dinner specifically for her and him, not her, him and the dog.

The boyfriend took the food, wrapped it in foil and told her to leave. Before leaving she told him that he made the meal for her and that she can do with the food as she pleased, in this case feeding it to her dog. When she talked to a friend about it she said that the boyfriend was right to be upset.

One user wrote, “Yes, YTA. Your (now ex–) boyfriend made a special meal for you. You took a large hunk of that special meal and gave it to your dog. Not only that, but you did so knowing it would upset your (now ex–) boyfriend. You should have brought dog food to feed Shelby. You should not have fed Shelby with people food, and you should particularly not have fed your dog with the special dinner your (now ex–) boyfriend prepared for you. It is wholly irrelevant that "Jay knows [you] mainly feed Shelby a raw diet."

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