Who protects the FEDs? Bullying and Racism in the Federal Government


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What a world, seeing people held accountable for hate speech, sexism, and racist remarks.

What a world, I say!!! When people stand up and say, “I'm not taking it anymore” whipping out their cell phones and exposing these degenerates. Oh, how we cheer these heroes shouting “you go!!” and heckle and jeer at the offenders that lose their jobs and watch them cower in the streets as people recognize them from viral social media posts that expose their true nature. Yea, what a world for the private sector, but not so much for the Federal employee.

Federal employees can only watch and sit through the never-changing diversity seminars and training, listening to personnel state “we have zero tolerance, for such behavior” then continue to work with the main offenders who probably provided the training in the first place.


How many federal employees have stood up and spoken about bullying, sexist behavior, and the daily humiliation within the government? Not many, because the reporting process and statutory protections for employees must come from Congress and if the offended party wants to move forward with action, a very lengthy process and investigation much occur that could last in many cases for months.

This means that a person who has been accused of sexual or racist misconduct has the right to appeal. In that, they will just be (maybe) moved to a different section, but in many cases still allowed to work with or the same area as the offended party, and for the “whistleblower” this could be career suicide. Deemed not a team player, unable to comply, and can result in being ostracized, and in fear of retaliation.


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The role of the EEOC itself is unclear for federal employees. Unlike the private sector, EEOC mostly plays an advisory role for federal departments. Federal employees cannot bring their cases before the EEOC until they pursue the reporting process at their agencies, Mostly advising employees not to report, instead of working it out internally through mediation and corrective means decided by management.

In 2007, the National Government ethics Survey found that only 2 percent of federal government employees made use of whistleblower hotlines to report their observations of misconduct.


Whistleblower Protections for Federal Employees are in place, but can be stringent and not all forms of wrongdoing are protected by this law. The incidents must be "qualified“ and to "qualify” for protection under the Whistleblower Protection Act, the individual must be disclosing a violation of a law, rule, or regulation; gross mismanagement; a gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety. So figuring out if these incidents of racism and sexism fall within these scopes can be confusing and cumbersome.

There has been some progress in the Federal Government, but it moves very slow. If more employees stand up and utilize the resources made available, no matter how cumbersome, or if more federal organizations set tones of a united front against bullying and bad behavior, then there may be changes to the environments for which they work, but for a complete overhaul of change, it must be from the President to Congress to the agency leaders they nominate to the ranks of the civil service.

It’s a long road and unfortunately staying silent and collecting a check whilst counting the days to retirement is more important than speaking up.

What a new world we live in now, but for the Federal Government, its pretty much the same

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