Starting a Company to find a way to Inspire all.

This is the graphic for our company, Infinite Light. I went with this name because I saw that the world was becoming a dark place. So I wanted to try and bring some more light back into it. And I went with the infinity symbol because I read a book recently called Limitless by Jim Kwik. And the premise of the book is essentially our brains are supercomputers. And as long as we're able to learn and use our brains, then we should be capable of anything. So limitless-infinity. It's kind of the same to me. So that's where I went with. What I learned in grad school is that like all successful companies, they all have a story where everyone believes in it and it starts from the CEO all the way to the very bottom level within the company. Everyone has to believe in the story in order for the company to be successful. What is the story for Infinite Life? The story for Infinite Light is our journey of sharing these limitless possibilities with others.

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I'm a Creator that encourages other people to use their voices and share their stories by teaching about cameras and filmmaking. And having fun at the same time too! The world is headed in the wrong direction and we need more people to share their stories to help us get back on track. Also, I want everybody to be free and to enjoy what they work on. I create videos that encourage a happy and healthy lifestyle. I love traveling, cooking, tech, and pets.

Milpitas, CA

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