DJI Air 2s vs FPV - 2 Different Drones to travel with!

This will be a quick comprehensive review of my experience bringing these 2 to the Iberian Peninsula. We were traveling for a month and it was no cakewalk bringing all of this gear around. I flew for hours and brought a drone with me around everywhere I went. With the Air 2s you already know what to expect, DJI makes fantastic drones But for 2k which is mostly what I’ve been using. 30 fps, you have the full view and 60 fps you get a crop, so depending on what kind of setting I’m in depends on the fps. If I have to be kind of stealthy and get the crop from a further distance, like these cathedrals or Palaces, then I’ll stick with 60fps, because it crops in and I don’t have to get as close to the subject. Or else, someone might notice and tell me to get out of here. If I want the full view of something wide, to show how big and how vast something is, then I’ll stick to 30 fps.

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