Kamala Harris to visit US-Mexico border for first time as vice-president – live

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Kamala Harris will stop in El Paso on Friday and will be joined by homeland security chief Alejandro Mayorkas.Credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Kamala Harris set to visit US-Mexico border

Kamala Harris will head to Texas this week following calls from Republicans pressuring the vice president to visit the US-Mexico border.

Harris will stop in El Paso on Friday and is expected to be joined by Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, according to Politico. Harris, who Joe Biden has charged with managing the flow of migrants coming through the southern border, had pushed back on calls to visit the border.

At the beginning of June, Harris took a three-day trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where she made controversial remarks discouraging migrants from coming to the US.

On Twitter, Republican senator John Cornyn of Texas said “finally” in response to news of Harris’ visit.

Senator John Cornyn Via TwitterCredit: Twitter

Here’s what has happened today so far:

  • The White House announced that Kamala Harris will go to El Paso, Texas on Friday to visit the US-Mexico border. Republicans have been pressuring the vice president, who has been tasked with managing migrants crossing the border, to pay a visit.
  • The Supreme Court issued a major free speech ruling against a Pennsylvania school that punished a student for using vulgar language on social media. The court ruled that schools are limited in their ability to regulate student speech off school grounds.
  • The Associated Press has called Buffalo’s mayoral race in favor of India Walton, who is set to be the first socialist mayor of a major city since 1960.

Donald Trump, who is scheduled to visit the US-Mexico border with Texas governor Greg Abbott and a group of House Republicans next week, has already jumped on the news that Kamala Harris will be paying a trip to the southern border on Friday.

“If Governor Abbott and I weren’t going there next week, she would have never gone!” he wrote to supporters in an email.

Katie Rogers Twitter postCredit: Twitter

White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to comment on whether Harris’ trip was planned in response to Trump’s upcoming visit to the border.

“We have no way to predict what former president Trump will say when he goes to the border. We can only guess,” she said. “I don’t think our view is that the vice president making a trip to the border… is going to prevent or change what the former president does when he goes to the border.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to provide specific details about Kamala Harris’ upcoming trip to El Paso at a press briefing, saying broadly that the trip will be part of the vice president’s efforts to “address the root causes and work in continuation to get the situation under control”.

Psaki pushed back from a reporter’s question on the timing of the announcement, saying that Harris has said publicly that she would be open to going to the border at an “appropriate time”.

“She was going to assess with the Department of Homeland Security, with the administration, when it would be an appropriate time to go,” she said. The press secretary also pushed back on any connection between Harris’ trip to the border and a similar trip members of the GOP will take with Donald Trump next week.

David Smith via TwitterCredit: Twitter

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