Bailey's Chocolate Mousse

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Baileys tastes wonderful on its own but add chocolate and whipped cream to it and you have yourself an impressive, flavorful dessert with only a few ingredients.

This 4 ingredient Baileys Chocolate Mousse recipe comes together very quickly (5 simple steps) and includes a touch of chocolate and a whole lot of Baileys (kind of). It's a light and airy mousse, not dense and heavy, and you can make it look incredibly fancy just in time for the holidays!
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What are the 4 ingredients are needed to make this Bailey's Chocolate Mousse?

  • heavy whipping cream
  • chocolate
  • Bailey's Irish Cream Liquer
  • Sugar

Steps in making Bailey's Chocolate Mousse

  1. Melt the chocolate (see instructions).
  2. Add Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur to the chocolate and mix. Let it cool to room temperature.
  3. Beat together the heavy whipping cream and sugar.
  4. Fold in chocolate and Bailey's mixture to whipped cream.
  5. Refrigerate.

Instructions on melting the chocolate

The chocolate has a lot to do with the flavor of your Super Easy Bailey's Chocolate Mousse. You can either use semi sweet chocolate chips, or you can use baking chocolate bar.

No matter which you decide to go with, be carful not to burn the chocolate . You can use the microwave method or the double boiler method.

Microwave method:

If using the microwave, only microwave for 30 seconds at a time. After the first 30 seconds, mix the chocolate and microwave if they don't melt more once mixed. After the second 30 seconds, your chocolate will be very close to being melted. Try to melt it more by mixing and only put it back in the microwave if the chocolate is not melted all the way. How many times you put the chocolate back in the microwave depends on the strength of your microwave.

Double boiler method:

If you want to melt it using the double boiler method, place water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Over the top of pot of water, place a heat proof bowl and add your chocolate chips in it. The heat from the boiling water will heat the bowl which will cause the chocolate to melt. Be careful that your bowl does not touch the water. Which every method that you choose, make sure you are careful not to burn the chocolate. You want your chocolate to be nice and smooth.

Once your chocolate has melted, add your Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur to your melted chocolate. Let the mixture come to room temperature before adding it to the whipped cream. You don't want to melt the whipped cream if your chocolate is hot.

Key points to remember about the chocolate.

  • carefully melt until smooth, being careful not to burn
  • mix in Bailey's with the melted chocolate
  • let it come to room temperature before adding it to the whipped cream

Whipping Heavy Cream

Heavy Whipping Cream is similar to milk but it has a lot more fat. Whipping heavy whipping cream goes to several stages. It starts as a liquid (that is how you will purchase it), then it starts to thicken into what we all know as whipped cream, and if you keep on beating past the whipped cream stage, you get butter. You may be excited about the butter part but that is NOT what we want, for this recipe at least.

We want to stop at the whipped cream stage or once you get stiff peaks. This will take some time. To ensure that the process goes as quick as possible, use cold whipped cream. You can even place your mixing bowl in the freezer to about 10 minutes so that your mixing bowl does not warm up your whipping cream. Getting to stiff peaks is so much easier and quicker if you use cold whipping cream.

What are stiff peaks? When you lift your mixer out of your whipped cream, the "peak" where the mixer was lifter should be straight up and should not curl down. Once you get to this point, stop mixing. If your peak is not stiff, keep mixing for another minute or two. Be careful! After you have reached stiff peaks, you are just a minute or two away from your whipped cream curdling and starting to go into the butter phase- we don't want this to happen! Sugar is added to the whipping cream to give it a little bit of a sweetness instead of it tasting like whipped up milk.

Key points about heavy whipping cream-

  • Use HEAVY whipping cream
  • make sure it's cold
  • whip until stiff peaks

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