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The story of Wegmans.

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If you're from Rochester, NY, there's a great chance that Wegmans is mentioned multiple times daily in your life. Wegmans is a well known grocery store that has a great reputation for both customer service as well as a great place to work for its employees. The Wegmans story began over one hundred years ago here in Rochester and to this day, it has an impact on our daily lives.
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How it all began.

In 1916, two brothers, John Wegmans opened up a store called "Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company." He had the idea after working in his parents' grocery store along with his brother Walter. Walter joined John in the business about one year after it opened. After opening, the slowly expanded their business into a grocery and bakery store that reached great success in the community.

Since then, Wegmans has continued steady growth in all aspects of the business. Not only did the size of the first store grow, but more departments and store locations were gradually being added to the Wegmans family. Some of those departments included Pharmacy, Seafood, Health and Beauty, General Merchandise, and more. This made Wegmans a one stop shop for thousands of people.

Wegmans' Biggest Accomplishments.

To this day, Wegmans has reached the following milestones:

  • 106 stores
  • 53,000 employees
  • Multiple nationally recognized awards
  • billions of dollars in yearly sales

A favorite to their customers.

Wegmans has become the favorite grocery store to so many of their customers. To start, Wegmans employees are so welcoming to customers and seem to always know how to make you feel right at home and part of the family. In fact, they have many employees in their stores, chances are if you won't need to circle the whole store to find an employee for help. Wegmans employees seem to always be around.

Second, Wegmans is trustworthy in every aspect of the business. Their products are of quality and you can be sure that if a Wegmans brand product does not satisfy your standards, you will be able to return it to the store.

Wegmans is also very involved in the communities that they serve. The company looks for ways they can help out and their shoppers really appreciate all that they do.

Lastly, Wegmans strives to be more than just a grocery store because they have values that they strongly stick to. I believe that those values are the reason why the company has growth to the size it has and it has reached the great respect from its customers. Truly caring, listening to, and empowering both employees and customers are the foundations to their business. Not to forget, Wegmans also holds high standards for every product and detail in their business so when an employee tell you "everyday you get our best," you better believe it.


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