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San Francisco named America's Healthiest City!

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I often associate California with healthy eating, exercise, and great attention paid to health and fitness. Little to my surprise, according to the WalletHub's latest report that came out earlier this year, San Francisco, CA made it on the top of the list of America's healthiest city.
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This report comes comes after a study that took into consideration several different criteria of what would be considered a healthy lifestyle. These include:

  • the cost of a medical visit
  • fruit and vegetable consumption
  • access to gyms and outdoor recreation area

To add to the fact that San Francisco was named the healthiest city in the country, it also is said to have the most access to healthy food access than any other city. This includes both grocery stores with healthy food options as well as restaurants that offer healthier wholesome meals. It was found that it is the 4th highest number of healthy restaurants per capita.

Traveling to San Francisco.

If you are traveling to San Francisco, you probably want to fit in the culture of the city and fit right in by making healthier options when it comes to food and physical activity. Not only will you feel better and more energized, but it would also be nice to take some ideas home from creative healthy food restaurants. There are so many restaurants with delicious wholesome meals that would be great to try but also be inspired by.

Below are three well known, respected, and high rated lunch restaurants with healthy food choices in San Francisco.

  1. Kitava. Can you believe this used to be a McDonalds? According to the website, the Kitava used to be McDonalds before it was shut down and in 2015. Kitava opened it's doors 2 short years after and has made it a priority to serve its customers real, locally sourced food!
  2. Judahlicious. This vegan cafe and juice bar is committed to organic produce and being eco friendly and sustainable in every aspect of the company. If you are looking for a healthy refreshing drink, this place is highly suggested.
  3. Nourish Cafe. Just like the others, Nourish Cafe strives to be be sustainable in every way possible. They stick to clean ingredients, whole, plant based foods, minimal oils, and more! Not only do they care about well being of their customers, they care deeply about our plant and do their part in being gentle with products they use.

Although this is just 3 options, San Fransisco was named America's healthiest city for many good reasons. The city offers a lot of healthy options that motives the people living there to strive for a better quality of life.

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