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A breakdown of Crif Dog's signature hot dogs!

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How far would you drive for the hot dog of your dreams? It is said that Crif Dogs has the best hot dogs in all of New York and believe it or not, some would say all of the United States! Crif Dogs has some of the most unique hot dogs you'll ever find and if you do in fact decide to pay a visit, one thing is certain. You don't have to settle for your basic ketchup, mustard, and relish hot dog.

I know you're curious to find out all about this local hot dog spot's ever so unique hot dogs so let's just right to it and break it down one hot dog at a time.
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Signiture Hot Dogs of Crif Dogs

  • B.L.T. hot dog: Bacon is in fact one of America's favorite foods to consume so why not add it to a hot dog right? No, we're not going to just add it. We age going to back the perfect hot dog in bacon! That is exactly what a B.L.T hot dog is. A bacon wrapped hot dog with lettuce, tomato, and mayo something worth considering if you ask me.
  • Chihuahua hot dog: If you could guess without continuing to read, what would do you think the toppings would be. This is also a bacon wrapped hot dog with sour cream and avocado. This is a little bit of a strange combination for me however it's the second item on the menu of New York City's famous hot dog bar so this probably means it is a hit among local customers. What do you think? Would you try this very unique combination?
  • Chili dog: Whoa! Stop right here. I love chili but combined in a hot dog, this sounds like a recipe for a digestive disaster! This hot dog is topped with chili, chopped onions, and mustard. An American classic but one that might leave you visiting the rest room quite often.
  • Everything dog: Have you ever had an everything bagel? If so, this hot dog specialty at Crif Dogs in New York City is inspired by an everything bagel because it topped with cream cheese, scallions, and everything bagel seasoning. Who would have thought of this right? In my opinion, with the great American obsession of everything bagel seasoning, I would say that this is also a signature hit.
  • Good morning hot dog: Us Americans love our breakfast usuals which consists of bacon and eggs so it would only make sense to have a hot dog that resembles your morning routine. This bad boy is also a bacon wrapped hot dog with an egg and American cheese.
  • Spicy Redneck hot dog: This is the most expensive signature hot dog on Crif Dog's menu and certainly the most loaded of all! A bacon wrapped hot dog with chili, coleslaw, and pickled jalapeños sure does sound like a spicy mouthful.
  • Tsunami hot dog: Do you want a little sweetness in your hot dog? This one might start a debate just like people like to debate about pineapple pizza. You guessed it! This Tsunami hot dog is loaded with pineapple, teriyaki, scallions, and of course, we can't forget the bacon wrapped hot dog. These are flavor combinations that I can't say I would enjoy but I'm sure other would.
  • Veggie Special hot dog: Can't forget the veggies! I'm not sure if I would consider this a wholesome veggie option, however, if it makes you feel better, I say go for it. It is a vegetarian hot dog topped with hummus, pickles, and pepperoncini.

Now that you have gone through all of the signature hot dogs at New York City's Crif Dog, I want to hear your thoughts! Which one sounds the most appealing to you and which one would you avoid at all costs!

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