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Perfect outdoor dinning at Rochester's GateHouse.

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Even before the pandemic, I had always preferred outdoor seating regardless of the occasion. The great thing about Rochester weather so far is that it has been absolutely perfect in every aspect. It has been sunny, not too humid, and not cold, making it ideal for outdoor dinning.
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Rochester has great restaurants that offer outdoor dinning and one of my favorites is The GateHouse. While The GateHouse is very warm and welcoming on the inside, my favorite is their outdoor dinning. The reason why I love being seated outside at The GateHouse is because it's quiet and private. It is surrounded by other restaurants, however, you're not seated on the main road with noisy cars passing by every minute. You'll be seated right under pretty trees in an area that has an industrial vibe with a touch of nature in every corner.

The Menu at The GateHouse.

Of course, if you're going out to eat, outdoor seating is not all you need. I would like to think that the food is important and I have nothing but great things to say about The GateHouse. My favorite thing about the menu is that all of their burgers and pizzas are named after well known people and locations of Rochester. The GateHouse is mostly known for their amazing wood fired pizza and gourmet burgers.

The menu includes a lot of creative dishes that are not seen everyday. One example is their wood fired goat mac and cheese! That is one thing that I have not yet had the chance to try but it is the next on the list of things to try next time I visit. How great does that sound?!

All about the burgers.

With confidence, I can say that the gourmet burgers at TheGateHouse are incredibly delicious. Cooked to your preferred doneness, the burger itself and the choice of toppings are one of a kind in our area.

Below are some of the most appealing to me.

  • The Wease -1/2 pound burger topped with Fontina cheese, bacon jam, black and tan onion rings, and roasted garlic aioli.
  • The Golisano - topped with apple smoked bacon, blue cheese, and pesto mayo.
  • The Douglass - topped with meat hot sauce, American cheese, mustard, and onions. (My Rochester people will know what this is inspired by.. )
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While the burgers named above are just a few of their creations, I hope you get a change to visit this great restaurant with outstanding food options and enjoyable outdoor dining.

If you have been, what are your favorite dishes to order at TheGateHouse?

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