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Many believe this is the best pizza slice in New York City.

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If you visit New York City and don't have a slice of pizza, why did you even go? New York City is well known for its delicious pizza and there is a good reason for it. Many would associate pizza with Italy, particularly Naples, where pizza is as authentic and best quality as it gets. This my friends, is the exact reason why you need to try pizza the next time you visit New York City and if you live there, appreciate and enjoy it because other cities, simply don't compare.
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Many years ago, millions of Italians mmoved to the United States from Italy. The only way they came to the United States was by boat which meant that many settled near water, New York City being one of those places. Since many Italians settled in New York City, many opened restaurants and pizzerias, bringing their authentic pizza recipes to the United States. Those traditional Italian recipes have stuck around and New York City has become well known for its delicious pizza.

New York City's Joe's Pizza

One of the most well known pizzerias in New York City is Joe's Pizza. Joe's Pizza is a perfect example of an Italian that has brought their love and passion for pizza to the United States. According to their website, the owner Joe Pozzuoli born in Naples, Italy, established Joe's Pizzeria in 1975 and still operates it to this day. With currently 7 Joe's Pizza locations in New York City, it has become one of the most well known and loved pizza places.

Joe's classic pizza would be cheese pizza made with quality ingredients and baked to perfection in a hot wood fired pizza oven. Other toppings such as meats and vegetable are also available upon request.

Famous celebrities go there.

This pizza place is such a classic that many A list celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Kelly Ripa, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more are known for loving Joe's Pizza and have even been photographed there.

So the next time you are in the New York City area and want a taste of THE New York style pizza, this is the place to go.

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