Molé poblano: official cinco de mayo food

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Many of us love celebrating Cinco de Mayo for the food and drinks, regardless of our ethnicity. If you didn't know already, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican Army's victory over France in 1962. Here in the United States, especially states like California with high Mexican population, Cinco de Mayo has become one the biggest celebrations of Mexican culture. From tacos to enchiladas to guacamole and salsa, who doesn't love Mexican food?

While many of us will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with tacos and margaritas, the official Cinco de Mayo meal is Mole Poblano. Not only is Mole Poblano the main ingredient for Cinco de Mayo, but it is also the staple ingredient for many other celebrations including birthdays, weddings, and more.
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What is Molé Poblano?

Mole Poblano is believed to have originated in Puebla, Mexico. Mole Poblano is a very thick sauce made of about 20 or more different ingredients with ground chili peppers being the main ingredient. Some other mainly used ingredients in mole poblano include:

  • almonds
  • seeds
  • chocolate (yes, I said chocolate)
  • and other spices

Spices are first roasted and/or boiled, then ground, and mixed in with broth. Once everything is mixed together, the sauce is set to boil until it becomes thick and very fragrant.

Mole Poblano is poured over turkey, chicken, tortillas, rice, and more. There are also different kinds of popular moles that have been developed throughout the years, some of which include: green mole, yellow mole, Oaxacan-style mole, Mole Xiqueño, and Mole de Teloloapan.

Making authentic Mole Poblano is very time consuming because it involves specific preparation of all of the different ingredients that are included and as I had mentioned before, the ingredient list of authentic moles is rather long. The good thing is that many grocery stores cary different kinds of Mole so if you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way this year, grab yourself some mole, chicken, and tortillas.

Make these easy chicken enchiladas with Molé Poblano .

Roast corn tortillas on a hot skillet just until they soften and are easily foldable. In the center of each tortilla, add shredded chicken. Fold the tortillas and top with mole sauce. Finally, top with shredded chicken diced tomatoes, cotija cheese, and sour cream. Serve with Spanish rice and beans and you are golden my friends. This is the easiest and tastiest way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo using Molé Poblano!

What are your traditional Cinco de Mayo meals?

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