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My favorite places to get groceries in Webster, NY

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Webster, NY is a great place to be for many reasons. Yes, you're close to the lake making summer very fun, but you also have so many local stores close by. No matter where in Webster you're located, you are approximately a 10 minute drive to a grocery store.


My favorite spots in Webster to get my groceries are located between Five Mile and Hold Rd. If you're from the area, then you probably know why. Every intersection in that area has my favorite stores. You have Wegmans on Hold Rd, Target right after, followed by BJ's Warehouse and Aldi. While I don't shop at Hegedorn’s, if you're a fan, you already know that Hegedorn’s is also located there. Although Wegmans is near and dear to my heart and I get most of my groceries there, I do also make trips to the other mentioned stores for my weekly/monthly groceries.

Below are my most visited stores and what I get at each.

  • Wegmans. We are very lucky to have 2 Wegmans locations in Webster, NY. One on Hold Rd and the other one on Empire Blvd. Almost, if not all, of my fresh meat and produce is purchased at Wegmans. I have the great luck when it comes to fresh produce and I know that Wegmans does a great job about having locally sourced produce when possible. Wegmans also carries may favorite almond milk that no other stores carry (that I know of). I'm a huge fan of Elmhurst Milked Almonds because it is the only almond milk that I know of that only had two ingredients: filtered water and almonds. I really like that because every other almond milk that I have come across, has a never ending list of ingredients that I personally like to avoid. Eggs, milk, quality pasta, Wegmans brand Passata are also on my biweekly list. I am very picky about my pasta and Wegmans carries that pasta that enojy. I would say that 80-85% of our shopping is done at Wegmans because we simply trust Wegmans with the products that they carry and the very high standards stand by.
  • Aldi. This is my second favorite grocery store that I like to shop at. We always have various nuts to snack on in our house and the price on the nuts at Aldi is fantastic. Along with various types of nuts, Aldi's chocolates are simply the best! They remind me a lot of chocolates in Europe and I really enjoy that. Also, if I ever need heavy whipping cream for a recipe, Aldi is my go to because they really do have a great price on it, much lower than others. When it comes to produce, I don't seem to have a lot of luck with produce at Aldi. Yes, they have a great price but quality is very inconsistent. I do enjoy berries from Aldi every now and then but they don't look great at Aldi, Wegmans will do it.
  • BJ's Warehouse is another place we like to visit for some basic household needs. Toilet paper, Zip-Lock bags, Dove body wash, Cetaphil face wash, detergents, and Swiffer cleaner are some of the commonly purchased items on our list that we get from BJ's warehouse. A lot of times, there is a coupon for these items and they are ones that we like to bulk up on and save some money on. Also, when we purchase deli meat, this is the place to do it. Some of their deli meat and cheeses are almost half the price of other near by grocery stores. However, don't expect them to have all of the options that Wegmans does. Produce, on the other hand, is something I never purchase from BJ's warehouse because I don't like how big everything is. It doesn't make me feel great consuming lemons size of my fist so I stick to more locally sourced produce. On the bright side, we do also enjoy discounted gas prices at BJ's warehouse and that's definitely a plus.
  • Target is another favorite of mine. Although I have never purchased food from Target, I like the variety of cleaning products that they carry. I started my spring cleaning and that is where I purchased all of my cleaning supplies this year and have loved them all so far.

What are go-to locations where you get your weekly groceries?

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